Why I Write List

I must say that I have never really been a list maker.  Of course I will use a list for grocery shopping  or for Christmas.  But other than that, it just wasn’t something I did.  I have a pretty good memory, so I would have the list in my mind  of what I needed to do and I would generally get everything done .  But when it comes to starting a business, that’s a whole different game.  So I started writing things down.

This may sound obvious,but for me it is a big deal.  My list are a little random.  Okay, really random.    But, hey it works for me and it my work for you if you generally  don’t use a list.

I have a small notebook that I use for my list.  While drinking my coffee in the morning I will write down what I want to accomplish for the day.  I will also write down anything else I need to take care of, even if I know it may not happen that day.  So you may ask, why write it down if you know it may not get done?  When I write those things down, they usually are not time sensitive.  Also if I don’t write down I may/ will forget.

Here is what’s great about making list.  Crossing things off.  There is a sense of accomplishment when you make a line through an item.  The items that don’t get crossed off  go on the list for the next day.  Don’t feel like you’re not getting any where if you keep putting an item on the list day after day.  I have had an item on the list for a good week before I finally crossed it off.

So that’s what I’ve been doing to stay on track to get my new business opened.  Give it a try if you aren’t a list maker.  You may be surprised what you get done by using that old school, low tech method.

*Update:  I have set up a website for information about my product.   It is still a work in progress.  As soon as it’s ready I will post the link.


Best wishes,




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