I was working on one of my scarves when my husband asked me what I was knitting?  Knitting.  KNITTING!  Really.



This is actually how I felt when he asked that question.   Now in his defense, I do knit, but I haven’t knitted anything in over a year.  It isn’t just him.  I find that when people see something that is made out of yarn they think it is knitted.  I think people are aware of the crocheting.  It’s something their grandmother did.  They simply don’t know the difference.

With that being said, here are some cool facts about crochet.

  1. Crochet comes from the french word croche meaning hook.
  2. All the stitch pattern variations are created by using a combination of five basic stitches.
  3. You can make a circle using a crochet hook.  To knit a circle you need special needles.  Four of them actually.
  4. Crocheted items can’t be machine made.  That’s right.  If someone crochets you something just know you can’t go to Target and buy the exact same thing.  Sure you can find a hat or scarf, but it will be knitted.

I just scrapped the surface of what crochet is.  There will be more in-depth articles in the future, so stay tuned.

Best Wishes,





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