5 Dollar Tree Item for the Crocheter


I must say that I really LOVE Dollar Tree.  There is one just up the street from me.  Of course, like most people, I never come out with just the one or two items I went in for.

On Pinterest (my favorite on line pass time) I saw some one share about getting some really useful items from Dollar Tree that can be used for crochet.  So here are the items I bought and  how I use them:

The Composition Book


I use these to keep track of the projects I’m working on.  I write down what the project is, yarn used, hook size and pattern used.  I’m starting to design my own patterns, so this book is a nice size to work with.


The Pencil Pouch



I use this for small items like stitch markers.  It’s also great for crochet hooks.  I really like that it’s clear enough to see what I’m looking for.


Coated Paper Clips


When I saw this on Pinterest I couldn’t believe how in simple and smart this was.  You use them as stitch markers.  Or to stop your project from coming unraveled.  Brilliant!20170825_155150 (2).

Hair Clips20170825_152157

Yes.  Hair Clips.  Used to keep your balls/cakes of yarn nice and tidy.20170825_152251




I use this to hold the yarn in place while working on a project that has multiple colors.  This way I don’t start working the tail of the previous color by accident.



So that’s it.  The five Dollar Tree items that I  use and may be helpful to you as well.

What items have you found at Dollar Tree or anywhere else that has been helpful in keeping you organized with your crochet?


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