I’m Kimberly and I love to craft.

I learned to crochet when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  In fact, I still have my very first crochet hook from way back then.  Over the years I crochet off and on.  But a few years back when money was tight, I started crocheting again to make Christmas gifts and I kept it up.

I really became serious about it after the first week of December 2016.   Three days after my birthday I slipped on the ice while walking to my car.  I dislocated my ankle and broke my tibia.  I was on medical leave for three months.  So what do you do when you are stuck on the couch with your foot up.  You crochet.

It was at that time that I changed my focus to all things crochet.  I turned my Etsy shop from a bath and body shop to one for crochet accessories.   And though I love shopping for yarn and making scarves and hats,  as time went on I became interested in making jewelry.

I thought about making polymer clay covered crochet hooks.  So I bought some clay and covered a couple of hooks, and I didn’t like them.  They came out too big for my small hands.  Maybe I will try it again.  As I was looking for another project to make with the leftover clay, I came across stitch markers make of clay.  Which lead me to look for tutorials on how to make them.  I learned that to make them I needed to learn some very basic jewelry making techniques.  Once I  learned how I made several and earrings as well.  Now I have a second shop on Etsy called Simply Lux Studio along with Simply Lux Crochet



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